Nicolas Charles Sparks

Nicolas Charles Sparks is an American romance novelist and screenwriter. He has written around 20 novels and two non-fiction books, out of which 11 of his romantic-drama novels were adapted for films. His novels are loved by many who are much interested in stories full of love and romance. The majority of his books featured stories of tragic love with happy endings. Sparks wrote this breakthrough novel, The Notebook, in 1993 while selling pharmaceuticals in Washington D.C. Later on, his book was discovered by a literary agent and got published in October 1996. The Notebook gained too much popularity and became a part of the New York Times bestseller list within a week.

The Notebook

The Notebook: Nicolas Sparks

Noah and Allie were in love and spent a beautiful summer together. Their families and socio-economic realities prevent them from being together. Even after such forced restrictions, Noah...
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