Kurt Vonnegut

It started when they both agree to read one another’s favorite novel. Hazel was able to relate with the novel character Anna but at the same time, she was mad at the ending of it as no closure about the fate of the character was given at the end of it. From this point, they began a new journey… a journey of finding the mysterious author of this book. While they both begin this journey to track down this very author in Amsterdam, they start to fall for each other, but both are equally scared to share their feelings.

Breakfast Of The Champions

About His Writing Style The first and the foremost thing that any reader would instantly notice in Vonnegut’s writing is the simplicity. His own writing style is mostly...
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Cold Fire

Jim Ironheart’s destiny lies in saving the lives of people even if it means putting his own in jeopardy. Every time he gets an unnatural premonition of someone’s...
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The Richest Man in Babylon

Before I tell you about this book, a bit of historical facts would help to shed light on the book and make your path clear and visible. The...
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