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Ever abandoned a book after reading a few pages? Or come across a book you like but not sure if it’s worth your time? Read In Short, is a great platform to read, learn & discover a variety of book reviews and summaries of popular & bestselling books. You can find great books summarized in a few paragraphs so you can get the main plot quickly. Read In Short is a comprehensive resource that provides short review guides for multiple subjects, including Literature, Academic, Fiction, Biographies, Health & Nutrition, Horror, Sex & Relationships, Education, Nature & Environment, Technology, and more.

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If you have a great inquisitiveness to learn, gain knowledge & discover new information, Read In Short is the right platform for you. It has a huge repository of insightful book summaries to help you escape reality & get immersed in another world. All the listed reviews & summaries hold the potential to add unique value to the life of readers. Though not everyone might agree with different perspectives, it does offer them an opportunity to understand them at a glance.

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Read In Short not only brings its readers the basic takeaways from popular books, but the curated insights can help them get the best ideas & key learnings about different subjects. It’s a fantastic platform for those who like to grasp entertainment value; the drama of good stories & suspense of a good plot unfold. We believe that ‘When you experience a subject through the eyes of another, you encounter different angles in life’s most common situations as well.’

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Reading regularly helps people discover new things, but it also allows people to grow as individuals. It’s believed that reading great content significantly improves the reader’s power to empathize. We tend to become kinder, gentler, and get the ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Read In Short encourages people to adopt a broader perspective & become wiser of all.  Our insightful reviews, summaries & key learnings will leave you ultimately inspired.